Are you planning a trip to San Pedro, Belize? Wondering how to get there conveniently and efficiently? Look no further, as we provide you with all the essential information on traveling from Belize City to San Pedro, whether you prefer a quick flight or a relaxing ferry ride.

Flights to San Pedro Airport

If you’re seeking a fast and direct route to your island destination, booking a flight from the International Airport to San Pedro Airport is the way to go. Two reputable airlines, Maya Island Air and Tropic Air, offer reliable service and frequent flights to San Pedro.

Maya Island Air operates numerous flights to San Pedro from Belize City’s International Airport (BZE). Their flights typically take around 15 minutes, with prices ranging from $60 to $105 USD per person for a non-stop flight. Upon arrival in San Pedro, our Budget Golf Cart Rentals office is conveniently located across from Maya Island Air Terminal, making it easy to pick up your rental golf cart.

Tropic Air, another well-regarded airline, offers direct flights from Belize City to San Pedro. Their flight schedule aligns closely with Maya Island Air, providing you with flexible options. Tropic Air also offers flights to other destinations within Belize and even some Central American countries, making it a great choice for seamless travel.

Ferry from Belize City to San Pedro

For a more economical option, consider taking a ferry from Belize City to San Pedro. San Pedro Belize Express and Ocean Ferry are two reputable water taxi providers that operate between the mainland and the island.

San Pedro Belize Express, known for its reliable and efficient service, offers ferry transportation not only to San Pedro but also to Chetumal in the southern Yucatan Peninsula and other parts of northern Belize. Their well-established route between Belize City and San Pedro is serviced by a large fleet of boats, ensuring a comfortable journey.

Ocean Ferry is another viable option for traveling to San Pedro and Caye Caulker. Similar to other water taxis, their schedules are designed to cater to travelers’ needs. Simply make your way to the terminal in Belize City and embark on your island adventure.

Arrival on the Island

Upon your arrival in San Pedro, your next step is reaching your hotel, resort, or Airbnb. Many accommodations provide transportation services, so check if they have arranged transportation for you. Alternatively, you can opt to rent a golf cart, the main mode of transportation on the island.

Budget Golf Cart Rental is one of the top rental companies on Ambergris Caye. Located near San Pedro Airport, across from Maya Island Air and San Pedro Belize Express Terminal, we offer convenient and reliable golf cart rentals. We even provide free delivery of your golf cart to the airport or water taxi terminal.

Our rental rates are affordable, ranging from $15 USD for a 2-seater golf cart for 4 hours to $50 USD for a 2-day rental. If you need more seating capacity, our 6-seater golf carts are available for $40 USD for 4 hours and $75 USD for 24 hours. Gas-powered and feature-packed, our golf carts are the ideal choice for exploring the island.

Embrace the ease and freedom of traveling from Belize City to San Pedro with Budget Golf Cart Rentals. Whether you choose a quick flight or a scenic ferry ride, our reliable transportation options ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey to your island paradise. Book your golf cart rental with us and make the most of your San Pedro adventure.